Condition & Value Survey


note: this is a comprehensive survey which includes the observations and findings of the wetted surfaces and bottom of the boat, including rudders, running gear, anodes, etc, but DOES NOT include the service yard fee to have the boat hauled out of the water for these findings. The haul out fee is typically $7. to $10./foot

Engine Survey (compression testing only)

$125./per engine

includes compression tests performed on each cylinder.

Oil Analysis (per sample)

$65./per engine

rapid results may require an additional fee

Engine Survey (complete w/ computer diagnostics)

$250./per engine

includes compression tests performed on each cylinder and a full computer diagnostic on each engine..


Platinum Plan:

$250./Monthly -recurring fee

(2) visits per month

$2200/One time yearly fee (save 10%) 

(26) visits per year

Silver Plan:

$125./Monthly -recurring fee

(1) visit per month

$1350/One time yearly fee (save 10%) 

(12) visits per year

​pump out/fuel fills/additional services - $125./hr 


This is a special service designed around the needs of a new vessel owner to become more familiar with best boating practices, electronics orientation and general maintenance scheduling and responsibilities.

$125./hr -  2 hour minimum

$13/ft. -  Full Orientation - 4 to 6 hours

This covers the most misunderstood parts of a boat..,Electrical Panels, Toilets and Windlass. Full understanding of engine room along with suggested maintenance schedule. On water training including, rules of the road, docking and anchoring.


$350.00 per day

Add an additional $100.00 per day for each crew-member required and provided by this captain. Additional cost also include all delivery expenses (such as: fuel, docking fees, food and transportation costs for captain and provided crew-members to the original point of departure and from the final arrival port to my home in Atlanta, GA) and any repair or additional costs necessary to fulfill the delivery contract. Travel days before and after (in full or partial) services on yacht will be billed at $150.00 per day plus expenses above.


Captain (and crew required of this captain if necessary) must be added to owners policy for duration of delivery and or charter contract.

Delivery costs will be estimated prior to departure. Full estimate due upon departure in cash or owners credit card.

A full accounting of all expenses will be itemized and submitted upon completion of the delivery. Any and all prepaid expenses not used will be returned in full. Any cash or credit costs incurred greater than the prepaid amount (cash or credit) will be billed and due upon completion of the delivery contract.

If captain services are to be for permanent or long term, salary and benefits can be negotiated.