How often has the planned use of your vessel been accompanied by questions about the boat’s readiness when you arrive at the dock?  Are all systems functioning
properly?  Are all engine fluids “topped off”? Wouldn’t it be great to just open up, start the boat, untie the mooring lines and be on your way?

This peace of mind can be assured by contracting with SAFENAV to become one of its nurtured customers using the Captain’s Watch service.  For just $125 a month you can be assured that your boat is ready to go when you are.

This monthly program covers checking all of the fluids in your engine room, topping off your onboard water supply, checking/cleaning sea strainers, sump boxes, A/C filters and water filters, and many other features listed on the servicing checklist. Your boat will have been thoroughly inspected by a licensed captain who will assure its readiness. 

With the proper credit card on file we'll even top off your fuel tanks and pump out your black water tanks...leaving you free to board your vessel on the weekend free of maintenance worries. Additional seasonal checks on A/C units and bilge heaters will be performed as needed.

After each visit, we'll leave a detailed report on what we found, what we did and what we suggest be done in the near future with your service professional. If you prefer we can send those results directly to your email.

SAFENAV is owned and operated by Captain Jeff Perfater, a USCG licensed 200Ton Master Captain, and is located on Lake Lanier in North Georgia. Captain Jeff takes great pride in his abilities, especially involving the safe and considerate operation of all vessels he handles.

We offers other services, as well…vessel orientation and operational training, vessel relocation services and charter captaincy. 

Example 1: Clogged A/C filters: 

In this case the lack of air flow over time caused the a/c unit to labor far harder than normal and eventually die prematurely. Cost of new unit with install: $4000. This cost along with, poor cooling/heating and the ancillary cost of breakers and relays could have been easily resolved with proper regular maintenance. 

Example 2: Clogged Raw Water Strainers: 

With the exception of stern drive motors, sea strainers are in place for each motor as well as your a/c water pump and generator. There are a multitude of problems that can occur with clogged sea strainers...poor water flow to motors causing overheating and potential engine failure, premature failure of impellers, poor water circulation within a/c units causing decreased efficiency...just to name a few. With boats anchoring out in shallow coves during the weekend, these strainers need to be constantly monitored and cleaned for proper operation of essential components. 

Example 3: Catastrophic battery failure:  

When batteries are worked hard, they generate a fair amount of internal heat. This increases a battery’s ability to absorb charging current without its voltage rising, which effectively disables any voltage regulator on the charging device, resulting in gross overcharging. It's very important to maintain a close watch on fluid levels within all of your boat's batteries. Though we all reccomend leaving your battery charger on full time, it is critical to the life of your batteries to have proper fluid levels...this requires regular inspection and fluid addition when neccesary. 

Preventative maintenance is far less expensive than corrective maintenance! 

This truly is a one of a kind turnkey solution to boat maintenance monitoring. It is my personal commitment to help you keep your boat in the best possible condition that it can be, ensuring you “problem-free” operation every time you step onboard.

I start with an appointment with you, on your boat, to discuss the extent of services that would be best for your situation. Once we have identified those services,
will perform a “no cost” 75 point survey of the vessel which will take roughly 2 hours. This will give us a baseline for where things are with your boat now, and help me to get your boat where it should be. I can then point out what things should be repaired by your service professional and we can setup a bi-weekly schedule to keep your boat ready at a moment’s notice. 

Here is the list of checks that will be performed every 30 days: 


Ensure dock lines are snug, secure and neatly kept
Ensure your power cables are secure and functioning
Ensure there is no loose canvas or upholstery 


Check galley systems
Check all light bulbs onboard (replace if needed)
Inspect all fire extinguishers
Ensure vessel is secure and locked
Check each HVAC unit
Clean HVAC filters
Check CO2 monitors


Check Fuel levels (add fuel if requested)
Check Oil levels (add fuel if requested)
Check Water levels (fill with fresh water)
Check Holding Tank Level (empty if requested)
Check Anti-freeze levels (both motors and generator)


Check battery fluid levels (fill if needed w/ distilled water)
Check corrosion at battery posts
Check battery health (voltage at each battery)
Check battery charger 


Check bilge water accumulation (pump out if necessary)
Check bilge pumps / float switches
Check all sump boxes (clean if necessary)
Exercise Seacocks (for smooth operation)
Check/clean raw water strainers (Engines, generator, A/C)
Inspect fuel filters (racors)
Inspect engine belts (both motors and generator)
Inspect hoses (both motors and generator)
Check Trim Tab reservoir (add fluid if necessary)
Check motor trim reservoir (add fluid if necessary)
Check fire suppression equipment in bilge
Test bilge heater, make sure it is powered up


Power up all electronics
Check all switches
Start motors and generator (run to temp, check gauges)
Check all other gauges
Run motor blowers
Check manual bilge pump overrides

Following this protocol will ensure years of trouble free boating, identifying potential issues before they become catastrophic and increasing the resale value of your boat by having it regularly “captain maintained”. Consistent and timely vessel monitoring, brought to you by SAFENAV.